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ONSPOT Carpet Cleaning is has an experienced, hard-working team. We provide carpet cleaning in Los Angeles CA.  Our goal is restoring your carpets to their best possible condition while eliminating offensive odors. Getting them to look and feel fresh and bright, making the entire family, including the dog, happy.

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ONSPOT Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles cleans couches, carpets, upholstery and tile floors.  Removing stains, spots, odors caused by our pets is one of the most common tasks. Animals just love to leave their mark on our carpets. 

After we are done cleaning your carpet, no sign of the previous accident will remain. The same goes for pet stains on your couch, chair, mattress or carpet.

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Hiring ONSPOT Carpet Cleaning shows you value a clean home. Our results are superior to those of our competitors. Give us a go and become a part of our expanding customer base who expect and receive superior carpet cleaning service at competitive prices.

We Let the Dogs In

With three dogs living our house, carpet stains are unavoidable, but ONSPOT Carpet Cleaning consistently delivers a clean carpet. 

We rely on them to keep our carpets and furniture clean. Fresh carpet is possible with the dogs in the house! -Jason F.

We Love the Job You Do

It’s good to know that after the rainy season our carpets will be cleaned by ONSPOT Carpet Cleaning service.

We have a very light color carpet and it does not take very long for it to get dark and dirty. Each time we think no way, but sure enough they get it back to the original color again and again. What a huge difference! I do not know how they do it. -Emily R.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Many difficult stains and allergens are removed by ONSPOT Carpet Cleaning using high-end hot water extraction equipment. Good detergent-based solution is important.

We remove residue and debris from the carpet after detergent has had time to thoroughly clean  without damaging the padding or carpet fibers. We remove tough stains like paint, oil and dog and cat pee.  Make your carpet look, smell and feel like new again.

Grout & Tile Cleaning

Pressurized hot water and our special detergents clean your grout and tile makes it sparkle. We do not use harsh chemicals. No Residue, all we leave is clean and shine.

We remove years of built-up crud from your grout and off your tiles. You can feel the difference walking barefoot across your tile floors. No more dirty socks or feet from walking inside the house. Professionally cleaned tile floor looks and feels so much better.

Upholstery Cleaning

The upholstery cleaning services at ONSPOT Carpet Cleaning will keep your furniture looking great for many years.  Every piece of upholstered furniture is different and needs cleaned with particular care, just like many other things in your house. We specialize in sofa and couch cleaning. Upholstery cleaning will definitely make it last longer.

Upholstery Cleaning can be Tricky

WAIT! Before you rush out to rent a machine to do it yourself, take a few minutes to find out the most common mistakes people make. 

Excessive moisture can cause the growth of mold and mildew. The surface might seem dry but padding underneath can retain water for days afterwards.

More isn’t always better. Just because you have big deep stains doesn’t mean you need more detergent. In fact, using more detergent will often create an even bigger problem by leaving residue that attracts more dirt.

Yes, it looks great on TV, even seems to work for awhile but those nasty stains seem to re-appear in just a few days. It’s not your imagination! Most popular stain removals only penetrate the surface but fail to reach the source of the problem.

Using product improperly or different than intended can cause damage.  Make sure you carefully read and follow instructions specific to  product or equipment you plan to use.

The best way to avoid ugly stains is using an upholstery sealant that repels liquids, prevents spills from soaking into the padding. Once your furniture is completely clean ask about having it treated.

Don’t allow dust to sink into fibers of your furniture; instead, use an upholstery attachment to regularly vacuum your furniture  removing dust, allergens, mites and other pollutants.

It is recommended that you allow the proper drying time. You can open windows, use fans and heaters to help speed up the drying time. If you use dry cleaning products, you need to let them air out for some hours or overnight. Open windows to allow ventilation and avoid inhaling fumes.

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